Cutting edge of Architectural MDF Mouldings

Do you dream of a bespoke house design with added architectural finishes?  From windows, doors, kitchens, staircases, fascia and soffit – SAM Mouldings are leading the way in interior and exterior design solutions throughout the UK and Ireland. 

SAM is the leading manufacturer of MDF mouldings – paving the way in contemporary architectural extras with a focus on low maintenance products which are proving a superior and more durable alternative to wood.

Unboxxed caught up with SAM’s Gemma Doran, who talks style, design and how to select the perfect architectural moulding match for your home.

Who is SAM?

SAM Mouldings are a forward-thinking company who appreciate the importance of staying ahead of the game, and so we are continually developing new innovative products.

With over 25 years industry experience, SAM is the UK and Ireland’s leading manufacturer of internal and external MDF mouldings. That ranges from skirting and architrave, door linings and window board, to kitchen mouldings and picture frames.

What's so important about Mouldings?

Interior mouldings are a subtle component of interior design.  They are a mark of distinction, creating architectural interest within a room.  Much more than just an add on, they add dimension and a degree of elegance to any room.  From skirting to cornice, the right moulding can really reinforce your design scheme. Therefore, it is an important feature to consider when designing your home.

What's hot this year?

2017 has been the year of reinvention of traditional wall panelling. Simple and cost effective, yet an eye-catching design that adds dimension and style to any room. The addition of panelling can make a room appear larger and lighter, as well as more sophisticated.

In the Nineties, magnolia reigned supreme as the colour palette of choice for interior mouldings, but we are seeing a new spectrum of paint colours and finishes becoming increasingly popular. Painting the mouldings to match the walls to create a seamless look is a growing trend but brilliant white still reigns as the colour of choice, creating a crisp, clean contrast.

Within contemporary design, minimal detail is extremely popular. Using a subtle profile such as square edged or a grooved profile creates a distinctive frame and a visual foundation for the room.

What the top tip you give to clients selecting interior mouldings?

Stay consistent – Ensure your mouldings match the style and design of your home. If your style is contemporary, then the sleek non-ridge profiles will add depth to each room while remaining sophisticated. If you chose a more traditional design, add character and charm with a moulded profile such as an ogee style.

Consider size and proportion – Trim is a compelling feature in interior design, but balance is essential to aesthetic success. Think about your mouldings in the context of the entire room. You want your mouldings to accent the room, not to be too overpowering. For example, a higher ceiling will demand a taller moulding to keep the balance within the room.