5 benefits of concrete walls and flooring

Concrete wall in commercial architecture
MASS Concrete YO! SUSHI project
Bespoke concrete walls and flooring

Bespoke concrete walls and flooring are proving popular design choices for commercial and residential architecture.

This trend has taken pace across the UK and Ireland, with key suppliers including MASS Concrete.  Homeowners and commercial clients are witnessing the benefits of concrete as a hard-wearing, durable and environmentally-friendly surface for flooring, surface and wall choices.

MASS Concrete, is the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke concrete surfaces.  MASS is a completely innovative brand of concrete which combines strength, lightness, heat and stain resistance in contrast to the heavy and porous nature of everyday concrete.

Five benefits of using MASS concrete;

1.Easy to maintain – durability means MASS concrete is highly robust.

2.Long lasting – a sealed and properly maintained concrete floor will last a lifetime. It can survive high volumes of traffic which will save money in the long run by preventing period installations of new flooring.

3.Bespoke, Shuttered or shaped – decorative textual patterns can be carved into the surface of concrete while it is still setting plus specialist pigments can be added.  Each blend of MASS concrete is completely unique and takes months to develop.

4.Environmentally friendly – MASS are environmentally aware and recycle approximately 90% of waste products from the manufacturing process.

5.Good interior design choice – Concrete is a popular design option by residential and commercial architects, who see the benefit of exposing the raw materials of architecture.