Contemporary Bathrooms UK

Contemporary Bathrooms sleek in design

Throughout the world and in particular the UK, bathroom design is shifting in two distinct directions with one set of homeowners wanting to recreate the spa environment with a completely contemporary, sleek and refined space while the other group embraces imperfect elegance through the use of rough edges, exposed pipe work, rustic charm, timber and incorporating a pick and mix of contrasting materials.

Here we look at some of the most beautiful contemporary bathroom designs and ways to create your sanctuary.

1.  The sleek serene bathroom

At the heart of every contemporary home is a statement bathroom, which models itself on recreating that element of luxury you get from a spa retreat. The spa-inspired bathroom has been totally revolutionised by the free standing bathtub – a glorious revolution to architects giving them freedom to play around with traditional bathroom floor plans.

Contemporary bathroom with beautiful clean lines, plenty of natural lighting and a polished finish.

We love the rectangle and pedestal versions of the freestanding bathtub which add modern charm.

2.  A touch of timber

Other bathroom design is moving away from clean lines and sleek edges to incorporate rough, warm materials especially in the use of timber, exposed brick and pipework. Reclaimed timber can create a less expensive and sustainable alternative to wood. There’s no hard and fast rules here – even a variety of woods can give a classy edge.

This bathroom oozes rustic charm with the ideal blend of wood, exposed brick and pipe work.

Reclaimed wood and exposed pipes give a sustainable appeal to this modern bathroom

3.  Nature-centric retreat

This bathroom design can be achieved through the clever use of soft furnishings and indoor plants bringing the outside world in by creating a relaxing and calm environment.

We love the delicate pattern used in this roman blind with matching wallpaper limited to just one wall keeping it simple, fresh and elegant. The use of large pillar candles and flowers creates lots of texture, colour and depth to this interesting bathroom. The oval freestanding bathtub also gets our seal of approval.

This bathroom ticks all the boxes in our eyes creating a natural haven with its clever use of wood incorporated into the tile flooring, bespoke double vanity, natural lighting and eye-catching greenery. The step design has utilized the sloping ceiling creating another stunning feature.

4. Mix it up
Nothing is set in concrete with bathroom design and quite often the most unique and quirky designs incorporate lots of natural materials and furnishings.

We think this bathroom offers a nice blend of materials with the use of wood for the vanity and towel rack alongside the choice of timber and pebble-effect tiles.

Something just a little out of the ordinary – it would be a shame to hide this away in an ensuite.

Top tip – keep your bathroom clutter free. Only keep essentials at the sink and everything else behind closed doors. If space is limited invest in a vertical towel rack or radiator, closed vanity or mirror units and use wicker baskets for essentials like shaving products.