Five Cool Fire Pit Designs

Top Five Fire Pit designs

Having a Fire Pit is a fantastic way to enjoy your outdoor space.  Whether it’s for added heat, somewhere to cook or roast marshmallows –  a fire pit can come in handy no matter where you live.

A fire pit can add character to your yard and transform your outdoors into the perfect entertaining space allowing you to eat al fresco and not have to worry about going indoors or getting too cold.

Unboxxed shows you five of the coolest fire pit designs for your yard;

1. Circular metal gas Fire Pit

If you want instant heat without the hassle of sourcing and lighting wood – then this is the ideal solution.  We love this design, which is available on wheels and therefore can be manoeuvred to your desired seating area.

2. Bowl Pits 

Bowl pits are conveniently shaped to ensure maximum heat and light.  A metal bowl fire pit creates a rustic and funky centrepiece for your garden.

3. Stone wall Fire Pit

Check out AG Outside Rooms for inspiration on how to create a modern and bespoke Fire Pit design with AG products.

4. Hanging Fire Pits

Hanging fire pits are made from either cast iron or thick pressed steel.  Constructed using a tripod frame, they can be moved from one location to another.  Our favourite product ideas can be found at Cowboy

5. Folding bowl Fire Pit 

If space is a big constraint, then this is the ideal solution ideal for patio areas.  It burns wood and charcoal and duels up as a BBQ (and it is a relatively inexpensive option).