High Gloss v Matt kitchens

Is gloss over?

Choosing a gloss or matt kitchen is an important decision for homeowners.  High gloss kitchens have proved popular due to their elegant, modern clean look.   However, matt kitchens are reemerging in darker, more interesting colours and are easier to achieve in a particular colour trend.

Unboxxed gives you 5 tips to consider before deciding whether to opt for gloss or matt in your kitchen design;

1. Natural Light 

Before deciding on a whether to install a matt or gloss kitchen, consider the availability of natural light in the room.  High gloss kitchens have a reflective quality and when introduced in white or cream are perfect for adding more light to your home.  Additionally, gloss is excellent for creating the illusion of more space and making a room feel larger.

2. Fingerprints 

Unlike gloss, matt won’t show fingerprints and glaring reflections.  This is a point to consider if you have little ones or if the very thought of having to get out the buffing cloth scares you!

3.  On Trend

Design is moving away from uniform colours; matt doors are easier to incorporate into this colour trend.  We love Interior 360’s matt kitchen design in deep royal blue – which is very modern and right on trend.

4.  Interior aesthetics 

Matt effects work well with wood and help create a cohesive and warmer aesthetic space.  The look is more subtle than gloss finish.  Consider the design of your home and whether you want to blend with the exiting interior design or opt for a complete contrast.  Alternatively, high gloss works really well when accompanied with walnut wood finishes to add warmth and texture.

5. Can’t decide?

Then don’t…go for a combination of matt and gloss in your kitchen, like Interior 360 have achieved in this kitchen design below.