Create an all-weather Outdoor Hot Tub in Ireland

How to create an all-weather outdoor hot tub in Ireland?

Regardless of the Irish weather, outdoor Hot Tubs are becoming an increasingly desirable addition for many homeowners and self-builders.  However, they present their own aesthetic and design challenges. caught up with Siobhan McGarry, senior designer at 2020 Architects in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland to discuss ways to integrate an outdoor hot tub into your landscape in a way that satisfies safety and building regulations.

How to design an Outdoor Hot Tub – ask the experts;

1.  Levels, drainage & electrical point

The first thing to consider is ground type, levels and drainage.  Is the ground suitable for a hot tub or will rocks have to be removed?  Would you prefer to step up into the hot tub or for it to be sunken into the ground?  These decisions are essential for establishing suitable drainage.  Also, there must be an electrical point in order to produce heat, bubbles and appropriate lighting!

2.  Position

We would recommend locating your hot tub in close proximity to your house or a garden room to make it more convenient for changing and as assessable as possible.

3.  Your Hot Tub base

Your site has to be able to support the weight of the hot tub and be able to accommodate all the necessary plumbing and electrical installations.  A concrete foundation can be created and the hot tub poisoned on top of it.  The base can then be made with cement pavers –  we highly recommend you check out Gibson Paving.

4.  Decking

Hot tubs are very popular addition to decks.  Again, your decking must be able to support the weight.  We recommend you check out Ecoscape composite decking which has anti-slip and low maintenance properties – ideal for hot tub installation.  Decking can also create an ideal splash zone so that you’re not walking straight onto grass.

5.   Shelter & Privacy

A major component to consider is shelter from the wind and rain.  We would recommend positioning your hot tub South facing in order to maximise sun and incorporate a canopy area to provide protection from the elements.  Check out the range at Outdoor Renson and Lisburn-based suppliers Daly Renewables.  Suitable foliage and greenery can be designed in order to ensure maximum discretion and privacy.

6.  Cover & safety

Rolling electric spa covers remove the hassle of having to flip back a heavy lid so that when the spa is not in use, its cover simply becomes part of the deck.  Introduce appropriate lighting so that you’re hot tub becomes accessible both day and night.

Complete the look - introduce a covered decking area, plus a relaxation spot.